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what to do daily
خب چندتا از طرفدارای سونتین یه برنامه روزانه رو طراحی کردن که به سونتین کمک میکنه
لطفا انجام بدید


1. Watch the MV on Seventeen’s official channel and don’t forget to like, comment, share the MV.

Watch the MV on Tudou (to win on The Show). Look for ‘MANSAE / SEVENTEEN’ and click on the orange button to watch.

Watch, like, comment, share the official performances on these channels to increase SNS points: MBC MusicMnet | KBS | MBC | SBS

*Watch everything from start to finish in 720p and volume higher than 50%. Playlists are a myth, they don’t help in increasing views. The best way is to clear your cookie and history and re-search the video, rinse and repeat. Watch in in Incognito Window if you don’t have time to delete your cookie.

2. Tweet using the hashtags #‎세븐틴 #만세 but make sure to have text before, between and after them (e.g. “Wow #만세 by #‎세븐틴 is a masterpiece!”)

*The tweet cannot have any link & picture. Tweets with 10 retweets = 1 vote. But tweets with more than 10 retweets do not count as more than 1 vote. If a tweet has more than 10 retweets, just leave it and retweet other tweets with less than 10 retweets.

3. Search for 세븐틴 on Naver, Daum, NateEspecially during the live performances.

4. [DIGITAL SALES] If you can, stream or download the songs from MelOn, Bugs, Genie, SoribadaMnet, Olleh, Naver, Daum, Monkey3.

*One minute previews do not count towards the chart.

*iTunes doesn’t count towards Korean charts, only Billboard chart.

[!] Tutorial on how to buy Melon Streaming Pass.

[!] Information on streaming

5. [PHYSICAL SALES] Buy the albums on KPOPMART, KPOPTOWN (Hide / Seek), KTOWN4U, YesAsia (Hide / Seek / Hide + Seek). Album info.

6. Retweet/Like/Share any updates about them from official accounts (Twitter/Facebook)

7. (Click for tutorials) Like their album on MelOn, Mnet, Bugs, Naver Music & Monkey3.

8. Vote, vote, vote. Tutorials:


(We didn’t make one for Mcountdown because the whole site’s in English.)

The voting periods for each show are as follow:

The Show: Thursday 09:00 ~ Monday 12:00 KST
Show Champion: Tuesday 00:00 ~ Sunday 23:59 KST
Mcountdown: Friday 11:00 ~ Monday 09:00 KST
Music Core: Wednesday 10:00 ~ Thursday 12:00 KST

Music show winning criteria:

The Show
35% Digital & physical album + SNS - See tutorial
35% Tudou MV views + Pay vote items - Watch the MV on Tudou. Look for ‘MANSAE / SEVENTEEN’ and click on the orange button to watch.
15% SMS voting (1st place nominees only)
15% Tudou voting

Show Champion
50% Digital sales (Streaming + Downloads) from MelOn
10% Physical album sales
15% Broadcast score
10% Online voting
15% Expert judge ranking

50% Digital sales - Mnet, MelOn, Soribada, Bugs
15% Physical album sales - Hanteo
15% SNS points - Youtube (watch, like, share, comment), SNS (hashtags #‎세븐틴 #만세, see point no. 2)
10% Pre-voting
10% Broadcast points
10% Live broadcast SMS voting (Top 2 nominees only) - Send 세븐틴 to +822336 or 00822336 (International) or #2336 (Korean). One phone number = one vote!

Music Bank
65% Digital sales - MelOn (36.9%), Olleh (6.4%), Soribada (5%), Bugs, etc.
5% Physical album sales from Hanteo, Synnara, Hot tracks
20% Broadcast time (Frequency of appearances, TV & Radio)
10% Viewer’s rating (Audience vote, requires Korean Social Security Number) - Stream the live broadcast & send lots of messages during the broadcast

Music Core
70% Digital & physical album sales from MelOn, Soribada, Bugs (Digital) & Hanteo, Synnara, Hot tracks (Physical)
10% Official MV view
10% Pre-voting (2000 people committee only, see the Music Core tutorial)
10% Live broadcast SMS voting (1st place nominees only) - Send 세븐틴 to 00820505 or +820505 (International) or #0505 (Korean). One phone number = one vote!

55% Digital sales - MelOn, Bugs, Soribada, etc.
5% Physical album sales - Gaon
35% SNS points - Youtube (watch, like, share, comment), SNS (hashtags #‎세븐틴 #만세, see point no. 2)
5% Advanced online votes - MelOn (Korean phone number required) + M&TV Talk app (엠앤TV톡) on iOs and Android
10% Live broadcast SMS voting (1st place nominees only) - Send 세븐틴 to 00821245 or +821245 (International) or #1245 (Korean). One phone number = one vote!

لطفا انجام بدید

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